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From Rebar to Concrete Sealing

This architectural concrete driveway has a distinct appearance due to the pie-shaped site on which it is situated and the distinctive design. We felt this driveway came out fantastic. Listed below is a brief set of photographs illustrating the procedure.

We’ll start with photographs of the driveway after it has been dug, gravelled, shaped, and is ready to be poured in the next step. For more information on our whole process, please see our concrete methodology page.

Driveway prep in Calgary
Calgary Driveway concrete finishing

To guarantee that the driveway, even if it is poured in sections, functions as a single unified concrete slab, all of our rebar is placed after compacting and before creating the concrete slab. Everything is held together by a continuous rebar skeleton. This guarantees that the borders do not get separated from the main parts over time.

Driveway is sprayed before sandblasting
driveway ready to get sandblasted calgary

It was decided to pour this concrete driveway in two portions, with the inside sections being exposed more aggressively and the outside sections being lightly sandblasted. Our team used a surface retarder to soften the concrete surface so that it would be ready for sandblasting at a later time.

The concrete driveway slab has now been completely poured and is ready to be sandblasted. Once it has been sandblasted, you can clearly notice the difference; it is now gorgeous and is awaiting the final sealant application. The concrete sealer will breathe new life into it.

Decorative Concrete Driveway with Exposed Aggregate

The Finish product is a lovely concrete driveway with the inner sections sandblasted to a consistent depth and the concrete banding finished with a subtle architectural sandblast. The driveway seems much different in colour from the ground compared to the drone photographs, so we thought we’d show both. The colours are not altered; nonetheless, light reflection has a considerable effect on the colours of concrete images. This driveway was constructed entirely of natural grey concrete with no colour applied.

Thank you for taking the time to look at this and other examples of our work. For more examples head to the main project page. We are often updating projects so check back often. 

Finished Decorative Concrete Driveway In Calgary
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